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Tothepoint summary: Should it be TV, Radio, Online, Digital or Print we help you with a strategy, execute all materials and place your voice in the best fitting channels for you.



established in 2011 by Balázs Biró – is a formation of a bunch of communication lovers. Experts who live for their profession. Tothepoint is a strategy and innovation driven independent creative hub with a very strong artistic production attitude.

By 2022 Tothepoint is teamed up to become a Creative and Production Agency in Hungary covering Strategy, Communication, Online, Film Production, Print. Our method is based on a multidisciplinary approach to redefining existing problems, giving authentic and effective solutions pushing the traditional boundaries.

2008-2011 Telenor/djuice


2011 MOL strategy advisor

strategic consultant

2011 Tothepoint Consultancy

2015 Zepter International

strategic consultant and General Manager

2017 Auchan Hungary

Marketing Director

2021 Tothepoint

2021 KMH Group consultant

Biró Balázs

Branding, communication strategies

how we work


constantly challenging the present, looking for breaking through points.Yes, its very exhausting... but this is our life


…have spent 20 yrs on client side, so we avoid strategy bullshit and idealistic agency solutions. We focus on brand building and revenue.


…you will have a partner in your difficulties, won’t let you alone with you decisions. We’ll say no to you, if we have to, starting real conversations..


…do you feel it? 🙂


What we do

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qualitative surveys (focus groups, interviews) quantitative researches (online) for insight mining, concept testing etc.


we listen to you, analyse your situation find the proper breakthrough points, execute it end2end.

Classical advertising

if you want to stop the never ending copying and adopting of latest media, communication and technological ideas, we are there for you on all channels. we love to do it. we reach out to your customers in a honest and classical way showing the real you.

Brand development

be brave and show the world, the real you, the essence of who you are. let us show you our strategic and executional skills in brand evolution.

Content marketing & social media

People talk, have chit-chats, share ideas and love to get together. in our century modern brands can only keep up, if they have a social presence, but how much so? just be natural and let’s have fun. Instagram, Tik-Tok, Facebook content strategy and execution. Digital media efficiency.

Decreasing OPEX

internal in-depth interviews operational audit marketing audit (activities & costs) media budget audit organisation audit


dream big, choose the message and the material you want to share it on. we make it happen. out-door - decoration - packaging - offset digital


as member of KMH Group we make features films, shorts, commercials Instead of words and words please visit and have fun.